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Try Immersion Reading For Book Comprehension & Retention

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In this article, I’m going to introduce you to immersion or immersive reading. I’m going to explain exactly what we’re referring to when we talk about “Immersion Reading’, the benefits of it, how to use it for your own benefit as well as a step by step guide to get you started.

What You Will Need

For the type of Immersive Reading I’m covering today you will need two accounts – an Amazon account as well as an Audible account. Want to try Audible free and get your first audiobook free? (Using my Audible partner/affiliate link helps support our site without costing you a thing).

You’ll also need a supporting device, such as a Kindle Reader, Fire Tablets, Kindle E-readers or a Kindle App for iPhone or Android.

These are the same things we have always needed to switch back and forth between reading a Kindle book with Whispersync for Voice and listening to an Audible audiobook to make everything magically sync to the last read or listened to location within the book. Only this time we’re doing them both – reading and listening.

What Is Immersive Reading?

The word immersive means using more than one of our senses. In this case, we’re using both our eyes and our ears for Immersion Reading.

Without making Immersion Reading overly complicated, we’re simply reading and listening at the same time. At least that’s Immersion Reading the way I am referring to. Reading Amazon’s Kindle books with Whispersync for Voice combined with the book’s companion Audible audiobook.

Immersion Reading is something I found shortly after I moved from a Nook to an Amazon Kindle EXACTLY five years ago – January 26, 2015. LOL Just a coincidence, after checking my past Amazon orders.

You Don’t Have To Have The Audiobook

Most Kindle devices and apps already have the read-a-long function without using an Audible version of the book. It’s not bad but you do have to listen to that automated computer sounding voice.

Let’s get started – Finding Audible matches for your Kindle books.

Selecting a Kindle book that has an Audible version available couldn’t be easier. Amazon can scan your Kindle library and find the books that offer a matching Audible audiobook.

Go to Amazon’s Kindle Books with Audible landing page

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and let Amazon scan your library. You’ll see which books will work for Immersion Reading as well as the Audible upgrade price. You’re going to notice, many times, much lower prices than you would on Audible’s website or app when buying a standalone audiobook.

Let Amazon scan your Kindle library for matches.
Select the book/s to upgrade with matching Audible versions.
Choose a Kindle book to upgrade with the Audible match.
Purchase the upgrade.

Now grab your reading device and start reading and listening – Immersion Reading.

👀 I recorded a short how-to video on Instagram below for you (I was wondering when Instagram might be needed).

How do you shop for new Kindle books with matching Audible books?

Finding the Kindle/Audible match when shopping is simple as well. You can go to Amazon’s Kindle Books With Audible Narration page and shop for the perfect book to begin Immersive Reading.

Go to Amazon’s Kindle Books With Audible Narration page to shop compatible books.

Once you purchase the Kindle book and open it on your reader or Kindle app, you’ll be able to purchase the companion Audible book from there. Usually at a deeply discounted price. I never use my Audible credits on an audiobook for immersion reading. The prices are so low I’d just be wasting the credit in my opinion.

The benefits of Immersion Reading

I’m sure there are boring studies on the benefits of immersion reading but I’m just going to talk about personal experience. Immersion reading is something I’ve been practicing for years and look at how smart I think I am. 😉

The obvious benefits of immersion reading seem common sense at this point. Immersion reading can help improve concentration while reducing outside distractions. Both inside and outside distractions seem to melt away.

I read faster and retain more when I’m reading and listening at the same time.

Immersion Reading Tips

  • Practice Immersion Reading when you’re awake and alert. If you’re falling asleep you will speed through content ignoring every word, just as with any reading.
  • Play around with the narration speeds and find what works best for you.
  • Try Immersion Reading even on books that don’t have available Audible companions by playing the computerized narration feature. It’s not the same as Audible but you can get the benefits without the price.
  • Shop around. While many of the audiobook versions of a book are so deeply discounted that it’s often cheaper to buy both the Kindle and Audible versions than to just buy the Audible version on its own.
  • I still find it cost restrictive at times and I decide not to buy that Audible upgrade. You have to take the cost of both books into consideration when comparing costs.
  • Use decent headphones. I have several pairs of headphones and love my Bluetooth set. Nothing beats sitting back with my Kindle wearing the big ole’ Skullcandy® Crusher headphones with built-in amplifier. They are crystal clear and the background disappears at the sight of these monster headphones. They’re perfect for kicking up a little AC/DC when it’s time to do something other than reading.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

I hope this article helps and you find immersion reading as fun as I do. Let me know in the comments. Brian D. Hawkins

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