Compound Fracture – Audiobook Review

Now that Grace and Tom are safely home and Conner is headed back to his own daughter, Robert is stuck back at the ranch, literally. On two separate attempts at leaving Author Bridges' compound, Robert and Sonyea took fire and had to scoot back into the safety of Arthur's perimeter and men guarding the compound. Robert just wants to get home to his family. After a lot of foot in the mouth moments, Robert realizes he needs to help his friends keep Congressman Honaker from overtaking the survival school/survivalist compound. Robert Hardwick and Sonyea Brady end up leaving on a mission and as Murphy would always have it, things don't go as planned.

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Home Invasion – Audiobook Review

In 'Home Invasion', book eight, things are looking up in the small central Florida community. The DHS and the local thugs are gone. The farm is proving to truly be a community affair and the market is active with traders every day. There may even be the possibility of power in the near future if those engineers don't find too many problems at the power plant. Is the worst now behind them? Maybe, but what about the Russians? The Chinese? Could Cuban troops be invading Florida? So many questions, so much danger. You know Morgan is up for the challenge. Especially with friends like Sarge that has his back.

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