Home Coming – Audiobook Review

I really liked "Home Coming" and thought it a fitting end to an excellent book series. I noticed on Good Reads that many readers were disappointed to see The Survivalist Series come to a close but I think it was time. It has been close to a year since Morgan's 250-mile hike home after the EMP strike and a lifetime of things happened in that year but they've come a long way. Finally, after book ten, we can imagine a somewhat peaceful life for Morgan and the community. Without giving away the story, the end of the book really brings things home. Almost like a homecoming. ;)

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Conflicted Home – Audiobook Review

Before they can even bring an end to the DHS threat, Morgan, Sarge and the rest have to come to terms with a new enemy - or enemies. The Russians. The Chinese. The Cubans. The Chinese hit Mac Dill Air Force base with a nuclear strike. Is there a chance of nuclear fallout? With Russian pathfinder units and Cuban soldiers on American soil, Sarge understands they're going to need more firepower to survive, especially after the run-in with armored attack vehicles. Sarge and Morgan will need to make a trip to get some well-needed supplies, food and guns from General Faucett. They come back with a lot of food and gear but also find some tragic fighting shortly after their arrival - with deadly results.

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Home Invasion – Audiobook Review

In 'Home Invasion', book eight, things are looking up in the small central Florida community. The DHS and the local thugs are gone. The farm is proving to truly be a community affair and the market is active with traders every day. There may even be the possibility of power in the near future if those engineers don't find too many problems at the power plant. Is the worst now behind them? Maybe, but what about the Russians? The Chinese? Could Cuban troops be invading Florida? So many questions, so much danger. You know Morgan is up for the challenge. Especially with friends like Sarge that has his back.

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Enforcing Home – Audiobook Review

Morgan is no stranger to adversity, it is the before that truly disturbs him. Enforcing Home is about today, the hard life of attacking, being attacked, building bunkers, community gardening and infectious disease. Everyone cannot live in a world like this, some people just need killing. Who will survive?

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