Ashes of the Unspeakable – Audiobook Review

Franklin Horton takes us on the second stage of our quest to get home in Ashes Of The Unspeakable, book two of The Borrowed World series. We walk along with the trio of co-workers, watching and feeling every kind of adventure one could imagine in a world flushed with desperation and despair. You'll see the regret of Alice and Rebecca's decision to put their fate into the hand's of the government's FEMA camp - and their plan to escape and find their families before it's too late. If things weren't already bad enough, with no electricity, gas or fuel to be found and desperate people doing violent things - the prisons end up releasing criminals into the streets because they have no way to feed or care for them. That creates a deadly situation in Jim and Ellen's valley. People will burn. Will Jim make it home in time? Will Jim's family be able to survive those that want everything Jim had spent years building in preparation for a SHTF event just like this? Will Gary and Randi make it home to find their families safe?

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The Borrowed World – Audiobook Review

You remember 9/11, I'm sure. If you're old enough. Imagine that devastating attack on America all across the nation. An entire city, Nashville, completely destroyed by a flood from the attack. No fuel, gas or food to be had anywhere. Transportation has came to a screaming halt. Everyone is in a pure state of panic. The majority of people begin to run out of food almost immediately. Desperation outways rational thought and neighbors steal from neighbor. Sometimes to the point of killing. The one place everyone could feel safe just days before becomes a potential target by anyone that thinks they have food or resources. I am, of course, referring to their homes. The more they have, the more at risk they are. Now consider the danger of being hundreds of miles away from your family with little hope of getting to them alive. That is where Jim Powell and five of his coworkers are - three hundred miles from home. How will they make it to their families? Will their families remain safe and sound if they can somehow survive the trip?

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Blood Bought – Audiobook Review

Grace and Tom are safe at home. Robert and Sonyea are going to be home in minutes. This exciting and emotional time is only clouded by one thing - there's a group of highly trained and well-equipped people on their way to take everything Robert holds dear. His family, friends and farm are in the sights of Congressman Honaker who's out of options and desperate to take the farm and resources he hopes wait without a fight. He couldn't be more wrong.

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Compound Fracture – Audiobook Review

Now that Grace and Tom are safely home and Conner is headed back to his own daughter, Robert is stuck back at the ranch, literally. On two separate attempts at leaving Author Bridges' compound, Robert and Sonyea took fire and had to scoot back into the safety of Arthur's perimeter and men guarding the compound. Robert just wants to get home to his family. After a lot of foot in the mouth moments, Robert realizes he needs to help his friends keep Congressman Honaker from overtaking the survival school/survivalist compound. Robert Hardwick and Sonyea Brady end up leaving on a mission and as Murphy would always have it, things don't go as planned.

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