Grace Under Fire – Audiobook Review

It seems everyone is frantically converging on Robert Hardwick's house except Robert Hardwick. Grace and Tom are dropped via a Blackhawk on the outskirts of home. They're running into some serious obstacles. A man they've never met is riding a power-assisted bicycle over seventy miles to rescue them from... what? A drug addict and her nasty boyfriend want the place for their own and don't care who it hurts. As long as they can get high. Another group of low-lives, only armed, decide they want the place. Grace gets there somewhere in the middle and has one job - protect her family and hold their home. Grace intends to do just that. Even if she has to kill some people. It wouldn't be the first time. She's hardened now. Skilled, hardened and desperate. That's a dangerous combination.

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Locker Nine – Audiobook Review

Grace goes off to college six hundred miles away from home. Since her prepper dad can't be there with her he gives clear instructions as when and how to get back home in the event there's a SHTF scenario. The best part? He gives her the tools to do it. Stuff does hit the fan. Big time. Grace and her best friend Zoe now have a 600-mile trip home as America collapses all around them. There's a lot of serious and dangerous obstacles in their way with no electricity, no fuel sales, very limited law enforcement and the freeways closed. Normally once law-abiding people are becoming desperate enough to kill and the criminals are operating like there wasn't a soul to stop them - because there isn't. Can the girls make it home in one piece?

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