48 Hours: A Novel Audiobook Review

48 Hours by New York Times bestselling author William R. Forstchen is the fourth of his books I have reviewed in less than a month. Keep in mind, I get to choose which books I read, listen to and review. That alone should speak volumes on how much I enjoy Forstchen's books. 48 Hours, unlike the John Matherson series, is a stand-alone novel. While they're all post-apocalyptic stories, 48 Hours bears little resemblance to that three-book series about an EMP attack. No, 48 Hours imagines something much more devastating than what mere mortal man can conjure up. Imagine our sun, after giving life for millions of years, suddenly turns against every living thing on the planet and threatens all of humanity with an extinction-level event. No, she's not blowing up, just sort of spitting fire at us in the form of a CME and CPE.

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The Final Day Review – Audiobook

The Final Day is the last of the three-book John Matherson series. In this final installment, in the form of a twelve+ hour audiobook (349 pages on Kindle), the author expertly unwinds everything that has happened up until to reveal a clear and shockingly corrupt picture.

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