The 4-Hour Workweek – Audiobook Review

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss is, in its most basic form, the story and path of how Tim Ferriss transformed his life of working more than a full-time job and earning just $40,000 a year to working four hours a week for more than that in a month while he lives the life of his dreams. Timothy Ferriss calls this the lifestyle of the “New Rich (NR)”, which he describes luxury lifestyle design. Now for someone like me, had I just been approached with a term like that without understanding the concept behind it, I would have expected it to be for late-night infomercials. Thankfully, I was exposed to the book’s reputation by many highly influential people long before I bothered reading a single synopsis or review. Otherwise, I may have never even given the book a chance. The objective of Lifestyle design, as Ferriss teaches us, is to free up time and place. Tim teaches that the New Rich leverage time and mobility to achieve an immediate lifestyle now that most of the workforce can only dream of, including the very successful.

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48 Hours: A Novel Audiobook Review

48 Hours by New York Times bestselling author William R. Forstchen is the fourth of his books I have reviewed in less than a month. Keep in mind, I get to choose which books I read, listen to and review. That alone should speak volumes on how much I enjoy Forstchen's books. 48 Hours, unlike the John Matherson series, is a stand-alone novel. While they're all post-apocalyptic stories, 48 Hours bears little resemblance to that three-book series about an EMP attack. No, 48 Hours imagines something much more devastating than what mere mortal man can conjure up. Imagine our sun, after giving life for millions of years, suddenly turns against every living thing on the planet and threatens all of humanity with an extinction-level event. No, she's not blowing up, just sort of spitting fire at us in the form of a CME and CPE.

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One Year After – Audiobook Review

Two years after "The Day", One Year After takes us on a rollercoaster ride of love, war, patriotism, deceit, unbreakable respect and friendship. A community so strong and proud, so determined to survive that they lost touch with what it means to have the odds set against you. Now they have to face their biggest threat of all. Bigger than the cannibals. Bigger than the Reivers. How can you fight a true military force?

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One Second After – Audio Book Review

This is a one-year story of John Matherson and his community's heart-wrenching struggle to survive. They face famine, broken government and no emergency services. They go to war with marauding cannibals. There's martial law and invading forces in parts of the Country. This book will have you red-faced angry one minute and fighting tears the next. One Second After is an emotional roller coaster you won't be able to pull yourself away from or stop thinking about.

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