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Locker Nine – Audiobook Review

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CALL SIGN: The Girl From Locker Nine 
MISSION: To Get Home Safely 
(From Oxford to her home in Damascus, Virginia

Locker Nine Book Synopsis / Plot Intro

Locker Nine is a prepper’s dream story. Grace’s dad is a prepper and author. He raised his little girl to think “tactically” and critically. Grace understands and practices situational awareness and she knows how to defend herself.

“I need to grab my Go Bag and my AR.”
Tom laughed and shook his head.
“What?” Grace asked.
“I’ve been waiting my whole life to hear a woman talk like that,” he said.

Locker Nine, Chapter 33

Grace Hardwick is a student at the University of Oxford with her best friend and roommate, Zoe. They are both on campus when they witness first-hand the devastation of a terror attack, just one of the dozens across the country.

The entire country erupts into complete chaos. The power is out in most places. The freeways are closed to the public. All fuel sales have been banned by the government. People are already running out of food and resources.

The criminals are taking advantage of the lack of a police force or repercussions for their actions. Including a nut-job psychopathic gamer that believes the SHTF event is a calling for his Call of Duty persona to come out and win the game in real life.

As all this is going on around them, Grace and Zoe have to make a six hundred mile trip home to Damascus, Virginia. It’s going to be dangerous but wait until you see what Robert Hardwick, Grace’s dad, has done to prepare her for just such an SHTF event.

Brian’s Overall Book Rating

I’ve never been a fan of flashbacks, either in books or film. I consider myself a man of the present and think little on my own past so in a book… I’m usually not interested.

There were many “flashback” moments in Locker Nine and, for reasons I don’t quite understand, they didn’t bother me. Maybe it was the fact that those moments were spread out, brief and to the point. I’m not sure, but they did lend to an understanding of Grace’s mindset and why she thought the way she did.

I like this author. I’ve been following Franklin Horton for a long time now. I really wish his books were longer but I started getting hooked on The Borrowed World series years ago.

Don’t even get me started on the narrator, Kevin Pierce. This guy is the best of the best when it comes to dystopian fiction. Kevin Pierce is a rockstar.

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Locker Nine gets four and a half shiny gold stars. I highly recommend this book (and series) to anyone that enjoys the post-apocalyptic genre.

Locker Nine Roll Your Eyes Moments

I hope I don’t sound like a broken record but this trend of super short post-apocalyptic books is driving me crazy. Locker Nine is just under seven hours and twenty minutes. That’s a relatively short book for an Audible member to give a purchase credit for, especially if they only receive one credit a month.

Top that off with Locker Nine seeming incomplete by leaving Grace falling short on her mission of getting home.

Personally, I feel the Locker Nine and Grace Under Fire (book two) combined into a single novel would have been perfect. Of course, that is a customer’s perspective and I have no insight as to what the author may have been facing such as deadlines or demand.

Get this book on Audible. If you’re not an Audible fan, get it on Kindle or paperback. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Book Recommended For

Anyone that likes prepper related books will love Locker Nine. If you like post-apocalyptic, dystopia or SHTF novels, you’ll want to check this book out.

Fellow preppers and gear nuts, you’re going to love Locker Nine. You’re going to be motivated for weeks.

Mature Subject Matter:

Violence: Yes.
Hell yes.
Yes to both.

Locker Nine Main Characters

  • Robert Hardwick – Author, prepper, prepared dad.
  • Grace Hardwick (Little Bug) – Robert’s daughter 
  • Zoe – Grace’s best friend also at Oxford.
  • Firas Kabbani – Business partner voluntarily becomes terrorist 
  • Ray Walker (Gamma Ray) – stoner psychopath
  • Rox – Ray’s girlfriend 
  • Cody – Ray’s friend
  • Jeanine – Cody’s girlfriend
  • Sonyea Brady – Gold star friend in Sand Rock, Alabama -horse breeder
  • Tom Brady – Sonyea’s son
  • Chin Gilbert – Gold star friend, contractor interested in Bushcraft
  • Arthur Bridges – Gold star friend, retired welder and gunsmith

Other names and mentions in Locker Nine

  • The cleric – Firas’ Dearborn contact
  • Nizar  –  Firas’ Dearborn driver provided by the cleric
  • Tarek – First store owner in Dearborn that Firas visited
  • Hayyan – Food truck operator
  • Akram – Food truck operator
  • Bassel – Food truck operator that was slain by Syrian terrorist.
  • Marwan’s Kibbeh Kart, and on and on through the remainder of the seventeen names. 
  • Elyas – Syrian terrorist in the Oxford food truck. 
  • Victor Kabbani – Firas’ father
  • The Imam – Terrorist leader that placed the Syrian men in Firas’ employ. 
  • Leonard & Mrs McGarry – Tom & Sonyea’s neighbor 
  • Jessie – campsite owner
  • Michele – Michele’s Gas, Vape and Tan 
  • Crow – Chin’s dog
  • Panda – Sonyea’s dog
  • Ron – Chin’s neighbor 
  • Dr Reynolds – one of Grace’s professors at Oxford
  • Cory Tilley – White House Press Secretary

Locker Nine Author: [book-author]


Locker Nine Audible Narration By Kevin Pierce


Get this book on Audible. If you’re not an Audible fan, get it on Kindle or paperback. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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