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Home Invasion – Audiobook Review

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Home Invasion, The Survivalist Series, Book 8 Synopsis / Plot Intro

Book eight, Home Invasion, continues the struggle without the modern conveniences we’ve become accustomed but now they’re doing it in the sweltering Florida summer heat. Heat, bugs and bad storms with no airconditioning or electricity short of Morgan’s solar setup. No hot water either. In fact, most people have no running water at all.

General Fawcett needs Sarge and his team to drive up to the Crystal River nuclear plant to see why they’ve lost contact with the engineers there. As you can imagine, this mission turns bloody.

Morgan is still looking for a Judge. Playing sheriff, judge and executioner are just a tad bit much and he’s determined to delegate some of that responsibility.

The community garden is beginning to show promise and people are pitching in to get some much-needed food.

Morgan is once again annoyed with a run-in of Tubby and his band of misfits. This time things cannot end peacefully. It gets ugly.

Are there enemy forces on the ground right inside Floriday? If there is, people are going to die. And people, people are going to die. Spoiler alert? Not really.

Home Invasion closes out with one of the most terrifying scenarios one could imagine, and everyone just witnessed it firsthand. It was a massive… yeah right, you know you have to read (or listen to) the book to get that kind of detail.

Brian’s Overall Book Rating

I hate to do it but I’m going to rate Home Invasion four stars. I really did enjoy the book and wholeheartedly recommend the entire series but book eight just didn’t do it for me as much as the first seven books.

I like a lot of action in this type of book and while there was a significant amount of action, it almost seemed like it was taken in stride to the degree it was anticlimactic.

It was also another book under 10 hours, although not by much, and that bothers me a bunch, especially in a book series.

Home Invasion Roll Your Eyes Moments

I did have to wonder in what world civilians would be allowed to go on a military mission.

Get this book on Audible. If you’re not an Audible fan, get it on Kindle or paperback. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

The Survivalist Series – Book Seven Recap

Skip this section if book 7 is still fresh in your memory.

Tyler and Brandi were killed in the house fire from the DHS attack. Their two children, Jace and Edie survived and are living with Danny and Bobbie. The threat of Tuberculosis (TB) seems to be gone for the moment.

The DHS threat and Billy’s boys have been neutralized (That sounded so official) and now new threats are showing their ugly heads. These new threats are far more serious.

Morgan is Sheriff and stretched pretty thin.

Engineers are working on getting the local power plant checked out. Captain Sheffield sent some of his engineers to the plant to see if a little local electrical power restoration is possible.

Mature Subject Matter:

Violence: Thankfully, yes.
Profanity: Some.
Sex: No but there was another rape.
Alcohol/drugs: Some drinking.

Home Invasion Main Characters

  • Morgan Carter
  • Mel Carter (Morgan’s wife)
  • LeeAnn Carter (Morgan’s 15-year old daughter)
  • Taylor Carter (Morgan’s 12-year old daughter)
  • Ashley Carter (Little Bit) (Morgan’s 8-year old daughter)
  • Thaddeus Jones (Thad)
  • Jessica Reeves (Jess)
  • Mary (Jess’ friend she met at the FEMA camp)
  • Fred ( Jess’ friend she met at the FEMA camp )
  • Kay Temple (Ms Kay) (Former FEMA Camp Kitchen Manager)
  • Danny (Morgan’s best friend)
  • Bobbie (Danny’s wife)
  • Linus Mitchell (Sarge) (Retired First Sargent pushed back into service)
  • Ronnie (Doc) (Sarge’s crew)
  • Ted (Sarge’s crew)
  • Mike (Sarge’s crew)
  • Captain Sheffield (Leading a local National Gaurd Unit)
  • Lieutenant Livingston (Works for Captain Sheffield)
  • Aric (Fred’s boyfriend)
  • Edie (Tyler and Brandi’s daughter)
  • Jace (Tyler and Brandi’s son)
  • Jamie (SP4 in the National Gaurd Unit)
  • Ian (Marine with Sarge’s gang)
  • Ed Perez (National Guardsman)
  • Dalton (Morgan’s friend and community member)
  • Cecil (Overseeing the community garden and powerplant)

Other names and mentions in Home Invasion

  • Mario & Shelly (Beekeepers at the market)
  • Mitchell (Mitch) (Amateur meteorologist w/ satellite images)
  • Michelle (Mitch’s wife)
  • Dylan & Gena (Local homesteader friends)
  • Terry Lane (Engineer)
  • Doc. Baker (Engineer)
  • Scott Westfall (Engineer)
  • Eric Beach (Engineer)
  • Kelly Christopher (Cobbler and shoemaker)
  • Shane Shacklefield (Eustis PD)
  • Lieutenant Shawn Meter (Eustis PD)
  • Dave Ross (Prisoner, killed his girlfriend)
  • Kevin Harris (National Guardsman that went on the mission with Sarge)
  • April (17, Rape victim)
  • John Jacob Schmidt (Radio Free Redoubt)
  • Gene (Bean lady)
  • Gail (Bean thief)
  • Hank Johnson (Garden worker)
  • Darrel (Garden worker)
  • Mae (Cecil’s wife)

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Home Invasion Audible Narration By Duke Fontaine


Get this book on Audible. If you’re not an Audible fan, get it on Kindle or paperback. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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