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Going Home – Audio Book Review

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Going Home – Audio Book ReviewGoing Home five-stars
ISBN: 0698161793
by A. American
Series: The Survivalist Series #1
Published by Penguin Audio on June 25, 2013
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic & Dystopian
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Duke Fontaine
Pages: 530
Length: 13 hrs and 12 mins
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An EMP takes down the nation's electrical grid. No cars, radios, news or electronics of any kind. Food, gas, water and medical supplies? What you got is it unless you can buy, barter or steal what you need. Nothing is being produced. Modern America has been cast back into the 1800s as fas as technology is concerned.

As luck would have it, Morgan is 250 miles from home when the EMP strike happens. Morgan is a survivalist and a prepper. He knows is he has to get home to his family as fast as he can. Every day that passes is another day society breaks down as resources dwindle and tempers flare. Going Home is Morgan's story about his trip home and the people he meets on the way and the obstacles they face.

Review/Post Reading Time: 6 minutes

Going Home is the first book of a ten-book series that is likely to tempt hours and hours of listening time from you.

The story wraps around a prepper and survivalist stranded far from home when an EMP burst brings the country to her knees.

With no electricity, cars, electronics or law, his 250-mile walk home becomes so dangerous he, and the people he hooks-up with must decide to kill or be killed.

Get this book on Audible. If you’re not an Audible fan, get it on Kindle or paperback. Any way you prefer to consume it, you’re going to love it.

Brian’s Overall Rating

Five Stars – Hand’s Down. Let me tell you something. Out of the 290 or so book titles in my Audible app., Going Home – A Novel of Survival is near the top. The Going Home Series (Officially titled, The Survivalist Series) by A. American is in my top three best audio books.

Seriously, this is one of my favorate audiobooks. It’s right up there with One Second After. I think I’ll listen to that one again for our next book review.

There are many books in my library that I’ve listened to twice. The Going Home Series is one of just a few that I’ve listened to at least three times. And I’m talking about the entire Going Home series – all ten books. Now for the reviews – I’m listening to each book a fourth time!

Get this book on Audible. If you’re not an Audible fan, get it on Kindle or paperback. Any way you prefer to consume it, you’re going to love it.

Going Home – A Novel of Survival Storyline

Without giving too much away, the main character, Morgan Carter, is a survivalist/prepper. Already sounds great, right? I know.

Morgan is on his way home from a business trip when, about 250 miles away, an EMP hits.

The EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) takes down our entire electrical grid along with most modern vehicles and electronics. No cell phones, TVs, radios, GPS – all gone. In the blink of an eye.

Now that the Country’s been effectively sent back to the 18th century, it doesn’t take long for the unprepared to become desperate and for the low-lives to realize there isn’t much law enforcement to worry about anymore.

Suddenly, the Country has become a very dangerous place. And Morgan, without his car, must beat feet over 250 miles to get home to his wife and kids. He has an interesting trip, to say the least.

Morgan runs into some trouble as well as meet a few new friends that set the entire series’ storyline up.

Mature Subject Matter:

Violence: Absolutely, a bunch of it.
Profanity: Yep, quite a bit of profanity.
Sex: Nothing graphic.
Alcohol/drugs: A little drinking, nothing too extreme.

Going Home main characters

  • Morgan Carter
  • Thaddeus Jones (Thad)
  • Jessica Reeves (Jess)
  • Linus Mitchell (Sarge)
  • Ronnie (Doc) (Sarge’s crew)
  • Ted (Sarge’s crew)
  • Mike (Sarge’s crew)
  • Mel Carter (Morgan’s wife)
  • LeeAnn Carter (Morgan’s 15-year old daughter)
  • Taylor Carter (Morgan’s 12-year old daughter)
  • Ashley Carter (Little Bit) (Morgan’s 8-year old daughter)
  • Annita Jones (Thad’s wife)
  • Tony Jones (Little Tony – Thad’s son)

Other names in book one, Going Home:

  • Mandy (Mother almost raped by Lonny & Thomas)
  • James (Old man, Mandy’s helpful neighbor)
  • Edith (James’ wife, Mandy’s neighbor)
  • Lonny & Thomas (Rapists and lowlives)
  • Jim Reeves (Jess’s dad)
  • Beth Reeves (Jess’s mom)
  • Mark Reeves (Jess’s brother)
  • Bill Higgens (Community leader & paedophile)
  • Mary (Bill Higgens’ wife)
  • Dale (Boat pirate)
  • Phil (Boat pirate)
  • Tim (Boat pirate’s son)
  • Norman (Resistance fighter)
  • Roy (Resistance fighter)
  • Frank (Resistance fighter)
  • Daniel (Resistance fighter / survivor)
  • Mr. Jackson (Thad’s neighbor)

Constructive Criticism

Before bringing this up, I want to mention an author of post-apocalyptic fiction, as with any suspense, mystery or action novel, has to balance between reality and believable entertainment. I’m a book reviewer, not a book author but here are a couple of things I noticed but certainly aren’t a dealbreaker.

  1. The killing and violence seemed to start too quickly after the EMP. Would things deteriorate that quickly in real life? I hope not but it got pretty bad after Hurricane Katrina.
  2. Would someone that just shot two rapists while rescuing the mother of two take the time to change one of the children’s diaper?

The writer has to keep things interesting and this author is very good at that.

Uptight and critical reviews

Since I have little negative to write about Going Home, or “The Survivalist” series for that matter, I’ll jump straight in and address one of the biggest complaints I see in some of the reviews.

Morgan’s a prepper and survivalist: Okay, I understand from many of the negative reviews that the idea of Morgan being a prepper didn’t bother most people BUT the fact that the author decided to give exact gear names and descriptions did bother a few. I don’t see the big deal but let me give you an example using an excerpt;

Lying on the passenger seat was my everyday carry, or EDC bag, a Maxpedition Devildog. I am a gear freak and love Maxpedition products. I unzipped it and pulled out my Springfield XD .45 and tucked it into my waistband on my right side and covered it with my shirt.

I didn’t have a problem at all with it and, honestly, if those listeners had just given the book a chance those little details were pretty much concentrated to the beginning of the book when Morgan was packing his gear and preparing himself for a very long walk home.

There are other instances sprinkled throughout the book but I don’t think it was overkill. If that kind of thing bothers you though, Going Home may not be the best pick for you.

As someone that tries hard to be as prepared as possible, I found those details inspiring. In fact, I carry more equipment than Morgan and much of the gear he describes, I own myself.

The violence came a little too quick?

Again, without risking spoilers, I found a few reviews where the reader/listener felt the violence brought on by the EMP came a little too soon to be completely believable. I do agree with some of this. I want to believe that with zero news via TV or radio that it would take longer for people to begin behaving like that. At least I’d hope so.

Going Home Author: A. American

About A. American

Angery American

A. American is short for Angery American, which I’m sure is a pseudonym. Especially since his real name is Chris Weatherman.

He's an electrician by trade and has authored ten books for the Going Home series, sixteen published books in all. He lives in Florida by the Ocala National Forest. Sounds familiar.

A. American has been prepping for a couple of decades and speaks fluent survival talk. That can mean only one thing. He’s one of us – a gear nut. What? You’re not? Anyway, that explains much of the books seemingly “how to” and “what to carry” lessons scattered throughout the book.

Chris (A. American) actually has a teenage daughter nicknamed 'Little Bit'. Pretty cool, right?

Going Home Audible Narration By Duke Fontaine

About Duke Fontaine

Duke Fontaine

Duke Fontaine seems to work exclusively with A. American and he is fantastic at bringing the character's personalities and uniqueness alive. Duke Fontaine knows the story and the individual personalities and makes the story better for it. You're not sitting back thinking, "Wait, was that Thad or Sarge?". Duke knows his stuff.

Worth The Credit?

It’s worth two credits so you should jump at the chance for a fantastic audiobook like this for just a single credit.

In Closing

By now you understand that I love the book and recommend it wholeheartedly. It’s one of those stories where you can’t help but become a little attached to the characters.

You want Morgan to get home to his wife, kids, and friends. You want his new companions to get where they’re going but to somehow stay in the story.

Get the book and add the other nine to your wishlist. Wait for an Audible wishlist sale and buy the rest – if you find the first book of the series worthy that is. That’s what I did. No way was I going to wait five months for this series, at two credits a month. I’m a Platinum member.

Let me know what you think.

Get this book on Audible. If you’re not an Audible fan, get it on Kindle or paperback. Any way you prefer to consume it, you’re going to love it.

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Rating Report
Overall: five-stars
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