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Compound Fracture – Audiobook Review

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Compound Fracture Book Synopsis / Plot Intro

The third book in the Locker Nine series, Compound Fracture picked up right after Grace and Tom made it home to the Hardwick farm and fought off Paul and the gang of meth-head bandits in book two, Grace Under Fire.

Robert Hardwick and Sonyea Brady are stuck in Arthur Bridges’ compound which is surrounded by Congressman Honaker and his well-armed force. Honaker’s bug-out plan was to take Arthur’s place by force. The Congressman hadn’t anticipated that it would be such a challenge.

Robert is going out of his mind with worry about his family in Damascus, Virginia while he’s stuck within the compound gates with zero control of the entire situation.

Without spoiling the story, Robert and Sonyea eventually make another attempt at breaking away from the standoff between his friends and the congressman only to discover his own home is at just as much risk as Arthur’s place and they don’t have the men or resources to fight off such a group of invaders.

Brian’s Overall Book Rating

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As usual, Kevin Pierce is amazing in the narration. I am glad he narrated the entire series.

The action and structure of this book are spot-on. The pace of action is near perfect and there’s little wading through emotional burden and reflection. There is some of that but it feels like an appropriate amount. In each emotional detour, the author shuts it down before you begin thinking, “Okay already, let’s get to some shooting“. I love that!

Just as Locker Nine left us hanging and failed to get Grace home, Compound Fracture feels a little incomplete. I’m rating Compound Fracture four stars. Horton is an excellent author and I love his work but there’s a difference between leaving a cliffhanger and leaving the reader hanging. Unfortunately, this book, as with many of this author’s books, falls under the latter category.

Compound Fracture Roll Your Eyes Moments

When you have a threat that consistently demonstrates they cannot be trusted and will kill you at the first possible chance, why on God’s green Earth would you still keep him alive. Especially after a SHTF event, as in this book series, that removes the elements of law or consequences for taking Jeff out.

Get this book on Audible. If you’re not an Audible fan, get it on Kindle or paperback. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

The Locker Nine Series Series Recap

After a series of coordinated terrorist attacks across the country, Grace had to leave Oxford with her best friend Zoie. The two young college students had to make it back home as the country was turning into a dark, lawless and risky sea of starvation, desperation and killing.

Grace’s father, Robert Hardwick, had a pre-arranged cache of “get home” gear and supplies in Locker Nine. Robert was a prepper and a survivalist. And a paranoid dad.

Grace made it to the second “vetted” stop she and Zoie could stay overnight on their 600-mile trip home. The World was falling apart and the trip turned out to be unimaginably dangerous. Zoie was killed by a crazed psychopath calling himself Gamma Ray.

Sonyea Brady, whom Grace and Zoie were staying a little longer to help with the homestead, and Sonyea’s son, Tom, lost their home due to the same attack that killed Grace’s best friend. Sonyea was hurt badly and the three of them set off to another stop Robert had prearranged – Arthur Bridges’ compound.

Waiting for them at the compound, Grace’s dad surprised them by leaving his healing wife to get his little girl. Tom was in a standing track chair but very independent and capable.

An opportunity came that allowed Grace and Tom, whom she was beginning to have feelings for, to leave ahead on a helicopter where her mom was. Robert stayed back to allow his prepper friend Sonyea to heal for a couple of days.

Grace and Tom found trouble when they made it to her hometown. It took a long time to make it back to her mother and brother. While Grace and Tom were making their way home after being dropped outside of town, the Hardwick’s home was taken over by a couple of drug addicts.

In the meantime, Arthur’s compound was under assault by an invading force – a congressman and his merry men of armed thugs no less. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Oh, I guess Franklin Horton can. 😉

A stranger, an important one for another spinoff series, was introduced as he was asked to check in on Grace. Conor – The Mad Mick, and Grace joined the fight almost at the same time.

People died. Things were said. Tears were shed. Now you’re caught up. 😉

Mature Subject Matter:

Violence: Yes.
Profanity: Yes.
Sex: No.
Alcohol/drugs: Some drinking.

Compound Fracture Main Characters

  • Robert Hardwick – Grace’s father
  • Grace Hardwick (Little Bug) – Robert’s daughter
  • Teresa – Robert’s wife
  • Blake – Robert & Teresa’s son
  • Sonyea Brady – Gold star friend in Sand Rock, Alabama -horse breeder
  • Tom Brady – Sonyea’s son
  • Leslie Brown – Low-income grandma working for the Hardwicks
  • Debbie – Leslie’ daughter
  • Dylan – Debbie’s son living with Leslie

Arthur Bridges’ Group

  • Cass – One of Aurthor’s men (woman) Army combat veteran
  • Bragg – One of Aurthor’s men
  • Brandon Barton (Jim Beam Delta) – Arthur’s forward observer & sniper
  • Bailey – One of Author’s men
  • Bob – Torso dummy

Congressman Honaker’s Group

  • Carlos – Aurthor’s radio operator
  • Jeff – Congressman Honaker’s captured son
  • Colonel Jacobs – retired Colonel/consultant and lobbyist.
  • Bradshaw – An officer with the Capitol Police
  • Decker – One of the congressman’s people
  • Voorhees – One of the congressman’s people
  • French – One of the congressman’s people
  • Carrier – beltway-area security detail at the campground
  • York – security detail at the campground
  • Crabtree – security detail at the campground
  • Bryant – security detail at the campground
  • Catron – One of Congressman Honaker’s men. Cop.
  • Cummings – One of Congressman Honaker’s men
  • Rico – One of the congressman’s people

Other names and mentions in Compound Fracture

  • Chuck – Helicopter pilot 
  • Barb – The Mad Mick’s daughter 

Compound Fracture Author: Franklin Horton


Audible Narration By Kevin Pierce


Get this book on Audible. If you’re not an Audible fan, get it on Kindle or paperback. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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