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Brian D. Hawkins - Reading... Listening.

I’m Brian D. Hawkins

I’m sooo many things. I’m a blogger and have been for way over fifteen years now. I’m an avid reader, usually with my Fire HD 8 Tablet

Obviously I’m a fanatical audiobook listener, generally with Audible. 

I’m also a prepper but without the whole “crazy survivalist” connotation – I hope. 

I’m a ferocious reader of post-apocalyptic and survival books. I don’t know if it’s the prepper inside of me or if I secretly want things to go sideways and a big way but I can’t seem to get enough doom and gloom, world-ending excitement.

So guess what? That’s mostly what you’re going to see on this audiobook review blog – post-apocalyptic and dystopian books.

I like hiking, camping, shooting and the outdoors. I watch very little TV and rarely bother with watching the news. I get most of my information from phone apps and online news sites. 

I told you I had a lot of interests. 

Just sayin’

I’m An Audible Junky

I thought I’d share my current Audible stats. Today, as I post this, it is/was January 5, 2020, so the January stats are incomplete.

Audible Stats for Brian D. Hawkins as of January 05, 2020.

Sincerity is important to me. I DO NOT accept compensation for book reviews and the placement of a book on this site cannot be purchased. The small amount of income generated from this site is solely from your decision to make a purchase using one of my affiliate or advertising links.

How I rate books

Remember that teacher in school that wouldn’t give an ‘A’ to save their life? Unless little Einstein himself was in class, no one was getting a perfect grade. 

Well, that’s not me. I’m not going to downgrade a great book because I’m comparing it to the best book Dean Koontz has ever written. That wouldn’t be fair, would it? Neither were you Miss Sanders, you nasty old woman. 😉

Also, like you, I have my favorite genres. I love post-apocalyptic, science fiction, history and business.

So if you’re more into a nice, romantic novel

A: You probably won’t find your perfect book here.

B: My rating of an audiobook about a post-war dystopian world slaughtering people by the dozen and eating their carcasses may not match what your rating would have been.

Brian’s Laws of Book Reviews

Never, Never, Never, Never…

  • Never review a book that you don’t own and haven’t read (Or listened to) from cover to cover.
  • Never accept payment, either in the form of money or product, to review a book.
  • Never accept paid reviews or posts of any kind.
  • Never accept a free book in exchange for a review – fair or otherwise.

More personal stuff?

Wow, you must really be bored. Here we go then.

I live an older ranch style home in SouthEast Michigan with my wife and soulmate of 36 years. We live on a gravel road and can hear the animals, everything from ducks to pigs and horses to cows, and smell the gardens all around us – including in our backyard.

I have an old bench in the shade that is the perfect spot in the morning to read and drink that first cup of coffee. We love it here.

Our backyard garden and cozy reading bench (Left Side) in the shade.

I’m a local truck driver. I drove truck <-( I’m required to say it like that.) over-the-road for a decade and I’ve been peddling a local tractor-trailer for over twenty years now. It’s an honest living, pays well and horrible on your body, inside and out. We have six grandsons and I’m still waiting on one of our four grown children to give me a little granddaughter.

You can find more at my personal blog, which I mostly ignore, at

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